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It’d taken months to get Yang to sleep up at the head of her bed but, Weiss had to admit that it was cute to see the shifter curled up at the end of it. Comforting to feel like she was being protected. It had taken even longer for the girl to sleep close, for it to not be an awkward sort of thing with Yang facing the wall, tail and wings wrapped around her frame as if to ward her off. Now, to the heiress’s surprise, here she was, warm arms wrapped around her, a small smile on her lips as she was pulled closer sub consciously.

It’d been a long day of training, nothing particularly eventful but it was clear that they were both tired, Yang more so than her. Weiss didn’t mind it, being held like this. The blonde had been particularly over protective ever since the incident with her father, constantly by her side, always just a step ahead in an attempt to keep the man away from her.

It was all just so sweet, and now here Weiss was, staring oddly at the sleeping dragon in front of her, fingers carefully running through soft, blonde hair now that she was sure the girl was fast asleep. It was gentle, unsure almost, but after a moment she leaned forward, lips pressing against a warm forehead as she muttered softly, “Thank you, Yang… For agreeing to be my partner.” She smiled and brushed strands of hair behind the girl’s ear, one last peck to the tip of the shifter’s nose before she settled down, arms wrapping around the shifter’s waist as she finally allowed herself to drift off to sleep.


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