Welcome to my dumb blog. Ruby sucked me onto this stupid website and now I cant leave.
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"I’ve literally never seen Barbara happier than she is right now."

Anonymous asked: I have so much sympathy for you right now. A friend of mine had hers out recently, but found out she has SIX wisdom teeth, and had to have them all out at once. She couldn't open her mouth for a week.

i got all mine out at one, i was awake through the whole thing too, also my bottom ones were growing in sideways so they had to shatter them to get them out of my mouth

I love my daddy, he makes me milk shakes to help my mouth

I should draw Yang with her wisdom teeth out, make my muse feel my pain.

I want to give you all a hug

You’re all pretty and handsome and gorgeous and I love you all

My face is numb but hurts and i cant open my mouth this sucks


yang be like

Anonymous asked: The surgery itself isn't too bad. Soon as they stick you with the propofol, you'll be out in (quite literally) three seconds. After the surgery isn't much fun, though. But they give you vicodin, which /is/ fun. Sadly though vicodin doesn't sit well with me so I had too go without. But you do fine, really!

thats still needles in my mouth- i aint cool with that;; thanks for the reassurance though.