Welcome to my dumb blog. Ruby sucked me onto this stupid website and now I cant leave.
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If you know someone in the RWBY fandom who is feeling down and needs a pick me up, go tell this blog about them and they will send them a nice message!

whoever is running the love notes blogs must be such genuinely great and wonderful people I can’t even believe someone would come up with such a nice idea and implement it oh my gosh

rene-kun asked: but isn't that extra weight? what happens if you're out off ammo? its not like you have unlimited bullets

you see thats the thing, That’s why everything doubles as a gun so that if we run out of amo we’ll have weapons to use.

rene-kun asked: Why does almost everyone have a weapon that turns into some sort of gun?

because why not.

rene-kun asked: have you ever though of wearing grieves? They give great protection and make kicks even more devestating

True, but they will slow me down more than I already am.

7 away from 300 followers.


yang xiao-long for queen of my heart thanks,

rene-kun asked: Oh, I'm sorry

Pshhh, don’t worry about it! Just put ‘em in my inbox and I’ll answer them tomorrow!


//On a little side note, sorry I haven’t been doing much for this blog. I’ve been working on my portfolio for collage so I’ve been pretty busy.

rene-kun asked: would it be a problem?

No? But I was just about to go to bed…

rene-kun asked: i'm sorry do you mind a few questions right now?

wait you have more questions?